Yukata in a medieval-like style!

This style has three differences from how we do today (like the photos below).

The Rear Collar

First, I didn’t pull the rear collar back.
Today women do it to show their nape beautifully, but it started around the early 17th century (Edo era), when women began doing up their hair.

The Belt

Second, I tied a narrow sash at the front.
Also since the early Edo era, women tie a wide belt at the back. Today women only do this sash style as a night wear in a ryokan, or a Japanese traditional hotel.

The Length

The last one is the length of the kimono though it’s probably not so noticeable in the photo.
Women’s kimonos today are very long and we make a waist tuck; while they wore a kimono of the length of their body in those days.

Did you notice the differences?
Which style would you prefer? 😄

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